Our story

We are the Maksimovic family. We are neither food producers nor large-scale producers. We each have a completely different profession. But we are people who love the sun and everything it radiates.

Do you also watch with concern how our planet is changing? How it's almost impossible to produce anything without chemicals and artificial additives? But we can! From us you can buy "real" and healthy food, full of beneficial substances for our body.

We have always used olive oil at home and know its value for the human body. We are also "connoisseurs" and have always looked for the most delicious. Therefore, when the opportunity arose years ago to buy an olive grove on the Croatian island of Solta, we did not hesitate for a second. We wanted to produce oil for our children, relatives and closest friends in completely biological conditions and without chemicals.

And not only that! We were enchanted by the possibility of producing oil using a traditional, thousands of years old method. We consider it a miracle to be able to produce super clean and healthy food on our already damaged planet. The same kind of food our ancestors produced thousands of years ago!

Over time, our plantations have grown so much that we can now offer our oil to you, in addition to family and friends. To all of you who share our desire to eat tasty, healthy and quality food. That is, not to have full bellies, but to be healthy, full of energy and wellbeing.

Every time we walk through the olive groves, we realise the richness. The fresh salty wind, the sun, the clean soil and the olive trees that have been growing here for hundreds of years. There is an indomitable strength to survive. They will outlive us. Not for nothing has the olive branch or olive become a symbol of eternity, health, invincibility and peace.