The "Olive Island" oil is unique. Pure.

Made with love and respect for our predecessors.

With a taste of eternity.

How is our extra virgin olive oil produced?

We grow our olive trees in a completely organic environment, using no chemical fertilizers or sprays. No machine touches them, everything is done by human hands. We don't even water them with chlorinated water. Some of our trees are over 300 years old! How many stories must have happened around them...

The oil is made by pressing two varieties of olives, one of which originated on the island of Solta.

We leave the olives on the trees to half ripen, so we don't just harvest them green. Immediately after harvesting, they are cold-pressed, directly on Solta. The golden liquid that flows out of the press is then bottled directly into our designer bottles after the fruit sludge has settled.

The Maksimović family's ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil "Olive island" is something that is becoming increasingly scarce on our planet. Honest and real food, without a touch of chemistry, without any added substances.

The way olive trees are grown and the method of oil production we use are already rare. Everything that is precious and of good quality is scarce, which is why each of our bottles has its own number.

Our oil is full of very healthy substances. It is for those who are satisfied with only the highest quality.

Price 0,5l ....500 CZK

The oil was certified extra virgin and high quality according to the world's highest standards at the global competition in New York 2013.